Our First Blog for the Website and can we just say that we are very excited. Lets begin by welcoming you all and of course Thanking you, because without the support of you all this would have not been possible. WOW 2018 was big but we have a feeling 2019 is going to be BIGGER and BETTER. 
First things first! We heard you when you requested After pay, so we are very pleased to announce that now you can have what you want, when you want! As it's now activated onto our website and ready to go! 
A couple of things, If you are after a customized arrangement in your choice of colour you may send us an email requesting this, otherwise we are contactable on FB and Insta! 
TELL US if there is an issue with the website, cannot stress this enough as we need to know so that we are able to assist. If you find the website is not easy to use, let us know. we appreciate any feedback. We are here to please you!

OK we have ranted enough, time to celebrate!